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  • Leyu plexiglass, acrylic products

    Zhangjiagang City Le Yu Plexiglass Co.,Ltd in the Leyu town, 204 countries right next to the east of Shanghai on the south Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou West near Nanjing, surface transport convenience.Leyu Founded in 1996, 20 years of hard work, two generations of hard work, has become more than music collection nitrile products production, processing, production, sales as one large integrated companies.At present, the plant area two, a total of 70 acres, 120 workers.


    Acrylic plate plate plate arc | aquarium display | acrylic cylinder jellyfish


  • Le Yu organic glass - Marine Engineering


    Le Yu main in the marine tourism landscape, hotel public entertainment place to watch the aquarium of the planning and design, production, installation. By virtue of solidarity, innovation and technical team, rigorous endurance of the construction team, perfect after-sales service, Le Yu in the aquarium industry come to the fore. Engineering range from some high Public places, high-end star hotels, banks, jewelry stores and large shopping centers gradually extended to large and medium sized marine tourism landscape design, production, installation, product Experience with several successful cases.


    Large windows | acrylic pool project | restaurant / Hotel | ecological waterscape Engineering Ornamental aquarium engineering engineering | cylinder | acrylic Gallery


  • Package transportation

    Anatomical table

    Sincere service, perfect for me; Our technology, experience and knowledge, high quality and efficient service for customers with professional satisfaction. Welcome to inquire.


  • Performance display

    Environmental specimen preservation

    Main in marine tourism landscape, the hotel places of public entertainment to watch fish tank design, production and installation. With unity and innovative technology team, which embodies the strict construction teams, perfect and meticulous after-sales service





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